09 October 2017

MIRELLA-G2 from LEDiL – new offer from 50mm system reflector family for small COB`s

MIRELLA is the most versatile MR16 size lighting solution on the market.


With the additional RZ-mixing lens it is easy to switch from conventional lighting to full colour. MIRELLA is available in three angles with a wide selection of installation options. MIRELLA is an excellent choice for track lighting and small downlights, for example, in retail premises and museums. MIRELLA, MIRELLA-PIN, MIRELLA-PF are compatible with up to 14 mm LES sizes. MIRELLA-G2 is the latest addition to the family and is compatible with LEDiL HEKLA.


  • 50 mm reflectors for small size COBs
  • Compatible with HEKLA solderless connectors and sockets

  • Additional clear, diffused and colour mixing lenses available
  • Fastens to the PCB with twisting bayonet mechanism


  • Track lighting
  • Downlighting
  • Highlighting stationary objects and statues


  • Diameter: 49,9 mm
  • Height: 24,8 mm


  • Optimized for LEDiL HEKLA-A, -C, -D, -F and -J with up to 12 mm LES sizes and compatible with up to 17 mm LES sizes


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