New PIC32 Family of 32-Bit Microcontrollers Optimized for Motor Control and General Purpose Applications
14 June 2017

Microchip’s PIC32MK Family is Packed with Analog Peripherals, Dual USB Capabilities and Support for up to Four CAN 2.0 Ports

New AC/DC LED Driver Series for Indoor & Outdoor Lighting Applications
14 June 2017

AIMTEC has introduced a new series of AC-DC LED drivers designed to be integrated in indoor or outdoor lighting systems.

4-910 repair kit for smartphones and tablets from Bernstein
19 May 2017

Comet Electronics offers a very practical and  suitable Bernstein set for repairing smartphones and tablets.

New PIC18 Family Offers a Versatile Array of CoreIndependent Peripherals to Simplify Complex Designs
10 April 2017

PIC18F “K42” Family Features Highest Integration of Core Independent Peripherals with DMA and Vectored Interrupts for Improved System Performance with Less Code

Comprehensive Portfolio of Advanced Gigabit Ethernet Products from Microchip Offers Ease of Design
30 March 2017

GigEpack Includes Suite of Certified Products and Tools Including Industry’s First Fault-Tolerant Ethernet Switch

Microchip Simplifies the Development of Smart, Connected and Secure Solutions with a Hardware Cryptography-Enabled Microcontroller
28 March 2017

The CEC1702 hardware cryptography-enabled microcontroller is now available from Microchip Technology Inc.

SEANNA – For lighting Far-Far-Away
28 March 2017

When there’s a need for a really narrow beam with unparalleled efficiency SEANNA is the answer.

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