06 January 2016

PLLC 2835 & PLCC2835 HE Series

Ultra high luminous efficacy, combined with the flexibility in design due to its slim and miniature size, PLCC LED Series are optimized to be used as lighting for signboard.




Features PLLC2835:

  • High luminous Intensity and high efficiency
  • Suitable for all SMT assembly methods
  • Wide viewing angle: 120°


  • Commercial lighting
  • Office lighting
  • Residential lighting

To series PLCC2835:

Features PLLC2835 E:

  • Superior luminous efficiency 186 lm/W @4000K
  • Deliver 33.5 lm @65mA, 4000K
  • Pass LM-80 verification


  • Down light
  • Commercial lighting
  • General lighting

To series PLCC2835 HE: