Electrotechnical components Capacitors, Cores, Professional Batteries, Potentiometers

Iskra is a globally recognized provider of intelligent Industrial solutions and cutting-edge electrotechnical products. With Iskra, you will be able to improve existing applications and introduce new technologies in the following strategic business areas: energy sector, electrotechnical components, efficient installations, traffic, telecommunications, marine, cables, services.

Product range:

  • Capacitors - We offers a vast array of capacitors in numerous application-specific and customer-specific designs
  • Low Voltage Switchgear - Low-voltage switchgears can be used for dwellings and industry
  • Electrical Measuring Instruments - Our electrical measuring instruments are used in the fields of utilities, power stations, gensets and boats
  • Power Automation and Protection - Our electrical measuring instruments for your projects in the fields of utilities, power stations, gensets and boats
  • Professional Batteries - Our batteries provide a long-lasting supply of energy with a high rate of efficiency
  • Cores - Iskra is one of the major Slovenian producers of different types of wounded transformer cores made from oriented silicon steel.
  • Antenna Systems - All Iskra antennas are optimized for best signals reception in the frequency band for which they are intended.
  • Telecommunications - To integrate very complex solutions in telecom industry was our challenge and pleasure from 1948 and on.
  • Software - Standalone electronic instruments without the capability of sharing data, of communicating, without the possibility of enabling customers to control.


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