Ffuses, fuseholders, circuit barkers, line filters, power inlets and switches

Fuses and fuseholders

Schurterbroad range of fuses include miniature and sub-miniature resettable,    non-resettable, Telecom and Fuseholders for panel, through-hole and SMT mounting.

Circuit breakers for Equipment

Thermal (T-Line, TA45) and thermal-magnetic (TM12, AS168X) circuit breakers for equipment are available from Schurter company. Thermal CBEs have good simulation of the thermal behaviour of the protectedcomponent, capability of coping with start-up and inrush currents, suitability for a wide range of frequencies, simplicity/reliability and favorable price.Thermal-magnetic CBEs have two releases to achieve automatic interruption of an overcurrent – a thermo-bimetal for overload current and an electro- magnet for short circuit current.

Switches and keypads

Schurter offers wide variety of vandal proof and membrane switches and keypads, metal switches with or without illumination, for panel or PCB mounting.

Power entry modules and connectors

Schurter offers great number of power entry modules with or without integrated switches, line filters and fuseholders delivering extra-safe handling protection against contact with live parts.

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