High quality cutting tools

The company TRONEX was founded in 1982 and since then makes excellent products. With hard work, total concentration in the area of precision hand cutting tools, imagination, and an unwillingness to accept lower standard performance, TRONEX achieve to be the very best in its field.

Tronex utilizes the following elements in its pursuit of excellence:

  • Proximity of its factory to the famous Silicon Valley in California to start producing cutters needed by such industry leaders such as IBM, H-P, Motorola, and Intel
  • Expand to the growing market outside North America including Europe, Asia, Africa, South America and Australia
  • Build people strength in the company by sponsoring college education for many of its employees
  • Investing in the latest manufacturing technology
  • Diversifying into the medical device and jewelry making industries
  • Providing customer sales assistance and delivery service that consistently exceed expectations.

Tronex manufactures over 60 different cutter models. Thus end users are able to select cutter designs that exactly meet their requirements.

All Tronex cutter models are designed and manufactured with Cutting Edge Technology™ in order to achieve superior levels of cutting performance, quality, value, and comfort.

Tronex cutting tools and pliers are used primarily by professionals engaged in electronics manufacturing.

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