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ADELIA – visual perfection


Sensational light quality in a premium aluminium reflector

Imagine a world where elegant lighting designs combine with a stunning visual appearance to deliver high quality lighting aesthetics and create visual perfection.

LEDiL is pleased to welcome ADELIA, an exceptional family of aluminium reflectors that combines stunning high-quality aesthetics with premium light quality.

With a beautiful shiny finish, the surface of these innovative reflectors is optimized to show no greyness or haze, ensuring an aesthetically beautiful look. Fitting seamlessly into beautiful lighting designs, ADELIA takes track and downlight concepts in retail and indoor architectural applications to new heights.

This exciting newcomer is available in four common sizes with diameters of 50, 70, 75, and 110mm.

  • Ø50mm optimized for 10mm LES COBs;
  • Ø70mm optimized for 14.5mm LES COBs;
  • Ø75mm optimized for 14.5mm LES COBs;
  • Ø110mm optimized for 22mm LES COBs.

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