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Antenna Services and Product from QUECTEL


Quectel Wireless Solutions, supplier of IoT modules, has unveiled its new range of antennas for IoT devices. Featuring more than 250 antenna options for both embedded and external products, the Quectel antenna range is comprehensive, offering optimal solutions for all types of IoT device deployments.

Quectel Antenna Services

Quectel is adding its IoT module portfolio and expertise to its range of antennas so customers can take advantage of its huge engineering resources and buy antennas as well as modules. Integrating antennas with IoT modules into IoT devices, which are often space-constrained and affected by location in devices that limits signal propagation or shortens battery life, is a common challenge for IoT device makers. To streamline development and enable optimized integration of embedded antennas, Quectel has assembled a wide range of antennas and modules and offers support to design and integrate antennas into customers’ solutions and devices.


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To learn more about Quectel’s antennas portfolio please go to our website. You can get more technical information about a specific antenna by sending an inquiry to [email protected].


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