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Plastic and metal enclosures from TEKO



he firstprofessional case specificfor housing the Raspberry Pi™ Mod.B Rev 1 and Rev2. Moulded in flame-retardantABS+PC. Easy snap-on closing. Brigth LED light-guide on the cover. Four feet, and aeration slots in the central area, allow proper air circulation and the optimal internalventilation.Three colours available (black, white and transparent). Accessories: Vesa mount adapter (RPI-VESA), heatsinks cooling KIT (RPI-COOLKIT).


The NEW professional case specificfor housing the Raspberry™ Pi 3, Pi2 and mod. B+. Moulded in flame-retardantABS+PC. Easy snap-on closing.Brigth LED light-guide on the front. Improved air vents on the bottom. Protection cover for MicroSD card slot. Three colours (black, white, transparent) and two heights available (TEK-RPI-XL suitable for Hats). Accessories: Vesa mount adapter (RPI-VESA), heatsinks cooling KIT (RPI-COOLKIT).


Stable and functional Beaglebone Black-case featuring a square shape and a modern design that guarantees a perfect fittingof top and bottom to protect the board. Molded in Flame retardant material (ABS+PC), it is perfect for both personal and commercial projects. Three colors (black, white, transparent). Brigth LED light-guide on the front. Aeration slots on the perimeter of the base. Snap-on closing. Compatible with Vesa mount adapter (RPI-VESA).


Protective case designed specificallyfor Arduino Yun microcontroller board. TEK-YUN is a two-shells case molded in flameretardant ABS+PC. Thanks to the sharing template can be easily adapted to any Arduino board. It provides long-lasting protection for the Arduino Yun while giving an easy access to all Arduino connectors. Internal fixingstuds for an easy and intuitive fixingof the board. Three colors available (black, white, transparent). Snap-on closing.


Small and clean design for the most diversifiedUSB devices such as Dongle, Pendrive and Wireless transmitters. Self-snap closing of cover and bottom completed by a soft feel protection bumper and rubber connector cap. LED guidelight on the cover to monitor device activity. Recessed area on the bottom for labels and markings. Standard colour white and light gray. Custom colours according to Company identity: MOQ 500 pieces.


Remote control case featuring rounded edges available both as compact unit (13120) and with push button combination from one to four (13121, 13122, 13124). Internal pillars for PCB fixing.Two colour versions: white/light gray and black/light gray. Protection bumper in plastic or polished chromed metal. LED hole on the cover. One screw closing. Suitable to accept button cells, accessorizable with battery holder AB2032, wall mounting holder MT8 and belt clip CLP.


Specificconcepted housing for BeagleBoard XM (Rev.C). Available also standard version (TEK-MBD), without connectors cutout suitable forcustom design board applications. Fast and secure closing by 4 screws on the bottom. Internal fixingstuds for an easy and intuitive fixingof the Board. Aeration slots on the perimeter of the base. Non-slip transparent feet included. Available in three colour options (black, white, transparent).


Brand new series of small and smooth shaped enclosures. Perfect for using as weareable device to collect datas from internal and external sensors and show them on a screen up to 1,5”. Available with different accessories, it can be fitout on a necklace, strap, pocket or standalone use. Colorful middle gaskets ensure a good protection from dust and water. Standard button cells could be accepted for a long life use. Easy and secure closing by four small screws.


Rounded and contemporary design for IO-TEK case, expressly dedicated to the IoT world. Ideal for environment monitoring and setting user interface. Internal slots and pillars for easy and multiple PCB assembly. Space for standard 2X AAA battery holder (not included). Fast closing by 3 screws nicely hidden from a top ring element and easy access for maintanance services. Easily wall fixingthanks to a specificbracket, it fitsperfectly into the standard flushmounting boxes.

Our last IO-TEK case series is now extended with two new sizes. Featuring the same height of IO-TEK1 (44mm), today you can choose a diameter of 90mm (IO-TEK2) or 115mm (IO-TEK3), and create a family feel design system. Fast closing by 4 or 5 screws nicely hidden from a top bezel element and easy access for maintenance services. Internal slot and pillars on bottom and cover for pcb mounting.

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